Dr. Williamson is dedicated to providing the highest level of obstetric care in a compassionate and caring manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your general philosophy regarding obstetrics and how does your office “work”?
We believe that the best care takes place within a partnership of shared responsibility and mutual trust between patient and care provider.

How long has Dr. Williamson practiced obstetrics?
After completing a one year rotating internship and a four year Ob/Gyn residency, Dr. Williamson began private practice in 1996. So, about 24 years so far.

How many babies has Dr. Williamson delivered?
A conservative estimate would be 4000 (as of 2016).

Who will I see at my prenatal visits?
Dr. Williamson or his nurse practitioner, Kristin Buchanan. Kristin has over four years’ experience as a licensed NP and, prior to that, worked in labor and delivery for over 20 years.

How many prenatal visits will I have?
Generally, visits occur every four weeks until about 28 weeks, then every two weeks until about 36 weeks, and then weekly until delivery. This results in approximately 12-14 prenatal visits. Certain situations may require more frequent visits which will be scheduled as needed.

What is a “high risk” pregnancy?
While there is no one definition of a high risk pregnancy, we will be certain to communicate any “high risk” issues and act accordingly. In certain circumstances you may be referred to a Maternal Fetal medicine sub-specialist for consultation.

What is your c-section rate?
While a true rate is difficult to calculate (due to repeat c-sections, call coverage, etc.) I can assure you that it is as low as it can be without endangering either my patients or their babies. While every effort will be made to deliver babies vaginally, a c-section will be recommended when necessary.

Do you use forceps?
Yes. Appropriately utilized in experienced hands, forceps are a safe and effective method to assist delivery when needed. They will only be used with the patient’s consent.

How about the “vacuum”?
Vacuum extraction is occasionally recommended. It will only be used with the patient’s consent and in limited circumstances.

At what hospital do you delivery babies?
Only at Saint John Tulsa. It’s hard to be in two places at the same time.

Who will deliver my baby if Dr. Williamson is not available?
Dr. Williamson shares call with several other private practice physicians, all at Saint John Tulsa. One of us is always on call (evenings after 5 p.m. and weekends). Phone calls and hospital care, including deliveries, will be handled by the on-call physician or laborist (see next question).

What is a laborist?
A “laborist” is a board certified Ob/Gyn physician who is employed by the hospital. A laborist is in the hospital 24/7 for deliveries, obstetric “ER” visits, etc. Having laborists available is one of the best things that has happened in my career to improve patient care and safety.

Will a laborist deliver my baby?
If I am not available the private Ob/Gyn physician on call may ask the laborist to assist with, or perform, your delivery. Rest assured, you are in very good hands. Each laborist is board certified and has a minimum five years’ experience. They are very capable and immediately available.

How many ultrasounds will I have during my pregnancy?
We generally perform a brief ultrasound at each prenatal visit, although there may be exceptions to this for certain visits. Typically, at least two “formal” ultrasounds will be performed: on your initial visit and at about 20 weeks (the “anatomy” scan).

Are ultrasounds harmful?
No. No study has shown ultrasound technology to be harmful. While we do not use the technology indiscriminately, we consider it completely safe and extremely helpful.

When can I know the sex of my baby?
Generally by 16-17 weeks. Sometimes we can have a good idea earlier than that but don’t plan any “reveal” until after we tell you that we are 100 percent certain.